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We have commented on this issue before, but here is a recent offering from the BBC (available here).

I am not too sure about this idea of a cyber Pearl Harbour-style attack though. I think there will be a cyber attack, if only to shut down ISR systems, and then the Pearl Harbour-style attack will happen. It is kind of like the Cylon attacks on humanity in the 21st Century re-imagination of the 1970s classic Battlestar Galactica: a virus shut down the 12 colonies’ computer systems, and then the Cylons attacked.


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A colleague, Fitriani, from RSIS’s Indonesia Programme, penned this commentary, which was picked up by Today (available here). A worthy subject, indeed, and a well-written and argued piece!

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Dear readers, the link below is something all students of security and strategy ought to read.

Do Arms Races Cause Wars? | History News Network.

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